Camp Edelweiss at Palomar Mountain

Camp Edelweiss 2008 My brother and sister-in-law have created a very cute and fun hide-away in the mountains of Southern California. 
Camp Edelweiss is located within a private ranch and is filled with interesting and cool stuff to photograph. This collection is from our first visit...

Camp Edelweiss 2011 Since our last expedition Dean and Andi began construction on "Das Jodler Haus" 
Images here of their cozy covey in the country plus many mucho more very cool landscape and nature shots. We made the short trip over to Mt. Palomar Observatory. You can learn more here.


Camp Edelweiss July 2012 On this trip Lisa and I spent an entire week-end up at Camp Edelweiss with Dean and Andi. In preparation for our trip to Glacier National Park in Montana we hiked both around the ranch as well as a day hike off site. Dean and Andi's ever-present companion Giovani the Italian Greyhound came along too. The bluejays however were right there at camp enabling me to fire away from the comfort of my chair.

Thanksgiving 2012 This year our family gathered for Thanksgiving on Palomar Mountain in Southern California. The ranch we stayed at as called Bailey's Palomar Resort. It's a very cool 7 bedroom ranch style house where we cooked Turkey, drank, and relaxed for four days. You will also see some of the local wildlife and landscape.


This trip in June of 2013 was a special time with family and friends. And, it was the trip for my first successful time-lapse star trails shot!

Woo Hoo!

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